04 November 2010
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Q. I need to keep a record of the controlled drugs, especially cyclomorph. Is there a special log book that the practice can use for logging controlled drugs?

There are very specific regulations in place for the handling and management of controlled drugs. A register must be kept for all controlled drugs received or supplied. In legal terms, a 'register' means a bound book and does not include any form of loose-leaf register or card index.

The controlled drugs register must be kept at the premises with a separate register at each branch surgery. A register must not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of the regulations.

The entry must be precise, legible and indelible, and be made on the day of the receipt/supply (or the next day if this is not possible). No cancellation, obliteration or alteration of an entry is allowed.

Any correction of an entry must only be made by way of an additional marginal note or footnote, which shall specify the date on which the correction is made and be signed and dated by the person making it. Registers must be preserved for two years from the date of the last entry.