Can I delete my advert if the position has been filled?

Yes, to delete your adverts, click the Manage my Adverts link and click the 'delete' option beside the advert. » read more

Can I extend the length of time my advert stays online?

Yes, to extend the length of time your advert stays online, click the Manage my Adverts link, click the title of the advert and then click the 'Save' button. » read more

Do I have to be a member to browse ads?

No. Anyone can browse the classifieds. » read more

How long do adverts stay online?

Adverts stay online for 2 calendar months. After this time they will automatically be taken off the system. » read more

Is it really FREE to place an ad?

Yes. All members of the ICGP can place adverts free of charge. Members can place adverts by logging in and using the online system or they can fax, post or email the advert to the ICGP using the classifieds form. » read more

I’ve forgotten my login details? How can I request them?

Please note that you must use your membership ID and PIN to place an advert using the online system. For queries or help using the system, please contact or tel: 01 6763705. » read more

What is the ICGP Classifieds System?

The ICGP Classifieds section allows members to place adverts online free of charge. » read more

What types of adverts are on the Classifieds system?

At the moment it is possible to advertise for GP positions and partnerships. » read more

When will I get emails about my advert?

You will receive an email when you have successfully added an advert which will be sent to an ICGP administrator for verification. » read more

Will my advert appear automatically?

No. All adverts are checked and verified by an ICGP administrator. » read more