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Administration Fees: Filling out Forms

Q. The practice gets a lot of requests to fill out forms, e.g. applications for grants, carer's allowance, letters for re-housing, clothing allowance, etc? Is there a fee for filling out these forms? » read more

Assistantship with a View: GMS list

Q. I am a GP principal in a partnership set up under Assistantship with a view to partnership. What happens to the principal's GMS list that exists at the point he retires? Do these patients automatically get transferred to the partner or does the list have to advertised? Does the HSE have discretion on this? » read more

Doctor Visit Card: Capitation and Support

Q. I have recently been appointed to a doctor visit card-only contract and I was wondering what exactly do I get paid by way of capitation and support subsidies? » read more

GMS Contract: Minimum Notice

Q. I am thinking of resigning from my GMS contract. How much notice do I have to give? » read more

GMS Retirement: Offering of Services

Q. I will be retiring from the GMS contract in a few months time when I reach retirement age. I also have the Mother and Infant Services contract and the Primary Childhood Immunisation contract. Will I still be in a position to offer maternity and childhood vaccinations? Do you know if there is an age limit on these contracts like the GMS contract? » read more

GMS Superannuation Plan: Eligibility

Q. What are the eligibility conditions for joining the GMS superannuation plan? What contributions are payable to the plan? Who administrates the scheme? » read more

GMS contract: Open entry

Q. What are the qualifying conditions for applying for the open entry arrangement to the General Medical Services (GMS) Scheme? » read more

GMS contract: Sick leave

Q. I am a GP principal who claimed the full 52 weeks of sick leave under the GMS contract three years ago because of an illness. What is my position if I have to take additional sick leave? Is there a turn-over period for more sick leave? » read more

GMS panel: Paternity leave

Q. I have a small GMS panel – am I entitled to claim paternity leave? What is the position for practice employees looking for paternity leave? Am I obliged to grant paternity leave? » read more

GMS: Pensions and Partnerships

Q. What arrangements are available for doctors who are in partnerships regarding pensions? » read more

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