Information Technology

The National General Practice Information Technology (GPIT) Project

The General Practice Information Technology (GPIT) Group is made up of representatives from the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Health Service. The aim of the GPIT Group is to promote computerisation in general practice and primary care. There are two parts to the group, an educational section that is currently being restructured, and a projects section with Dr Brian O'Mahony as project manager.


The GPIT Training Programme has undergone a restructuring with a number of new appointments. The change is intended to meet the changing needs of GPs for advice and training and to support the many developments in primary care IT by providing GP representation on national and regional groups. The National GPIT Co-ordinator and the Regional GPIT Co-ordinators will form the management committee for the GPIT Education & Training Programme which will address all aspects and activities of the programme. The GPIT Education & Training Committee will report to the National GPIT (HSE/ICGP) Group. The new appointments to the group are as follows:

National GPIT Co-ordinator: Dr Conor O'Shea

Regional Co-ordinators: 

  • Dr Frank Hill (Southern region)
  • Dr Kieran Murphy (Western region)
  • Dr Keith Perdue (Dublin/Mid Leinster)
  • Dr John MacCarthy (with responsibility for National Electronic Referral Pilot Project)

GPIT Advisors: 

  • Dr Donal Buckley (Dublin/Mid Leinster)
  • Dr John Sweeney (Western region)
  • Dr Fergus McKeagney (Dublin/Mid Leinster)
  • Dr John Cox (South East)
  • Dr Brian Blake (Tallaght/Kildare)
  • Dr Brian Meade (Dublin)

GPs can contact the programme for advice and support through Niamh Killeen at the ICGP


The projects section is headed up by Dr Brian O'Mahony and includes the following activities.

Project tasks during the past 12 months:

  • Continuing to work with the National Cancer Control Programme on electronic cancer referrals;
  • Working with the GPIT Group to guide the secure clinical email project through the public procurement process in 2013;
  • Working with Healthlink and HSE ICT on integrated browser technology for specialist electronic referrals such as pigmented skin lesions;
  • Messaging: working with Healthlink and the National Cancer Screening Service on getting CervicalCheck smear test results and BreastCheck mammography results out to GPs electronically;
  • Communicating the needs of GPs and primary care to developers of information systems throughout the health services;
  • Membership of the Project Board of the National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) Project, which is bringing digital radiology to hospitals and electronic radiology reports to GPs;
  • Membership of the Project Board of the National Laboratory Information System project, MedLIS, which will implement a new national laboratory system in 2015.
  • Contributing to the HIQA eHealth Standards Advisory Group (eSAG);
  • Writing monthly IT questions and answers for Forum, the Journal of the Irish College of General Practitioners, available at

Dr O'Mahony is keen to hear from individuals and groups who wish to input into the certification process or any of the project activities of the GPIT Group.

Please contact Niamh Killeen at the ICGP with comments and queries, email: or phone 01 6763705.