Webinars 2016

Webinar 1 - Tuesday 16th February 

Topic: Healthmail for GPs 

Presenter: Dr. Brian O'Mahony 

  • Setting up and using Healthmail
  • Best Use Cases
  • Healthmail at a local level
  • Healthmail and your GP software

Webinar 1 material:

Webinar 1 recording:
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Webinar 2 - Tuesday 23rd February 

Topic: Electronic Referrals 

Presenters: Dr Frank Hill & Dr Jack MacCarthy 

  • National roll-out to all acute sites 
  • Experience from cancer referrals
  • Tips and Support

Webinar 2 material:

Webinar 2 recording:
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Webinar 3 – Thursday 3rd March (double bill)

Topic 1: Printing problems and how to avoid them

Presenter: Dr Brian Meade

  • What printers to buy and why
  • How to install – pitfalls to avoid, finding drivers online
  • Common printing issues – correcting alignment of GMS scripts, paper jams
  • My printer won't print! – Check list of things to check

Topic 2: Gadgets and Gizmos for the busy GP  

Presenter: Dr Kieran Murphy

  • A look at what you didn't know you need
  • And why you now really need it!

Webinar 3 material:

Webinar 3 recording:
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Webinar 4 – Thursday 10th March

Topic: Telemedicine 

Presenter: Dr Conor O'Shea & Dr Robert Coughlan

  • Overview, background and international experience of telemedicine
  • Guidelines
  • Benefits for rural communities and their GPs
  • Future developments

Webinar 4 material:

Webinar 4 recording:
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 Using delivery and read receipts in Healthmail (Webinar_1_-_Using_Delivery_and_Read_Receipts_in_Healthmail.pdf | 328 KB)
 Access public folders through Outlook Web App (Webinar_1_-_Access_public_folders_through_OWA.pdf | 39 KB)
 Creating a signature in Healthmail (Webinar_1_-_Creating_a_signature_in_Healthmail.pdf | 114 KB)
 Five use cases for Healthmail (Webinar_1_-_Five_use_cases_for_Healthmail.pdf | 52 KB)
 Using the general referral form (General_Referral_Userguide_-_CompleteGP.pdf | 273 KB)
 General Referral Userguide - HealthOne (General_Referral_Userguide_-_HealthOne.pdf | 1.87 MB)
 General Referral Userguide - Helix Practice Manager (General_Referral_Userguide_-_Helix_Practice_Manager.pdf | 676 KB)
 General Referral Userguide - Socrates (General_Referral_Userguide_-_Socrates.pdf | 1.04 MB)
 Electronic Cancer Referral (Presentation_ICGP_GPIT_cancer_referral_webinar_2016.pdf | 2.42 MB)
 General Electronic Referrals (Presentation_Webinar_Feb_2016_General_E_Referrals.pdf | 979 KB)
 Gadgets and Gizmos for the GP - Dr Kieran Murphy (Webinar_3_-_Gadgets_and_Gizmos_for_the_GP_-_Dr__Kieran_Murphy.pdf | 550 KB)
 Implementation guidelines for video consultations in general practice (Implementation_guidelines_for_video_consultations_in_general_practice.pdf | 1.07 MB)
 Telemedicine video links (Telemedicine_Video_Links.pdf | 39 KB)