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The ICGP Quality in Practice Committee produces quick reference guides on clinical and non-clinical areas on topics of relevance to general practice. These guides differ from guidelines in that, although evidence based, the focus is on the production of a short concise document which is easily read and formatted in such as way as to make change easy to achieve. The quick reference guides (as well as details on the publishing date, review date and authors) are available below.

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Anticoagulation in General Practice/Primary Care: Quick Reference Guide

Author: Kildea-Shine, Philippa Dr.; O'Riordan, Margaret Dr.;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2014 » read more

Antipyretic Prescribing

Author: Mooney, Shonagh Dr.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2013 » read more

Asthma Control in General Practice Quick Reference Guide (2013)

Author: Holohan, Jean Dr.; Manning, Pat Dr.; Nolan, Dermot Dr.;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee; Asthma Society of Ireland; National Asthma Programme; HSE.
Year: 2013 » read more

COPD Management Quick Reference Guide

Author: Owens, M,; McCarthy, T. and O'Connor, M.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee; Irish Thoracic Society
Year: 2009 » read more

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in General Practice

Author: Cox, John Dr.; Graham, Ian; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2013 » read more

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Diagnosis & Management

Author: O'Keeffe, Nikki Dr.; Gavin, Blanaid Dr.; Cullen, Walter Prof.; McNicholas, Fiona Prof.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee
Year: 2013 » read more

Crisis pregnancy: a management guide for general practice

Author: Ni Riain, Ailis; Daly, Miriam; Ryan, Sonya; Murphy, Mark;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee;HSE; Crisis Pregnancy Programme
Year: 2014 » read more

Dementia - diagnosis and management in general practice

Author: Foley, Tony Dr.; Swanwick, Greg Prof.; ICGP Quality in Practice Committee.
Year: 2014 » read more

Diabetes Type 2 Quick Reference Guide

Author: Harkins, Velma Dr.;ICGP Quality in Practice Committee;Department of Health and Children; Irish Endocrine Society; HSE
Year: 2008 » read more

Disclaimer and waiver of liability

Whilst every effort has been made by the Quality in Practice Committee to ensure the accuracy of the information and material contained in this document, errors or omissions may occur in the content. This guidance represents the view of the ICGP which was arrived at after careful consideration of the evidence available at time of publication. » read more

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