PIP Breast Implants - Report and IMB Letter

06 February 2012
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Since the issue regarding PIP implants was identified in March 2010, the IMB has closely monitored the situation in liaison with colleagues in Europe to determine potential safety implications. The IMB advised the implanting hospitals and clinics to identify and contact women who have been implanted with PIP silicone gel implants after 1 January 2001 to advise them of the issue and provide reassurance that there is no current evidence of health risks associated with the implants. Approximately 1,500 Irish patients were implanted with these products and since the publication of the October 2010 safety notice, the IMB has received reports of potential adverse incidents from a small percentage of patients. The IMB understands that the PIP implants that were used in Ireland were for aesthetic purposes only, not for reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients. The implants were implanted in three private hospitals/clinics and were not used in public hospitals. The IMB continues to liaise with colleagues in Europe and the implanting hospitals and clinics to ensure that the relevant patients are made aware of this issue. The IMB recommends that patients who are concerned about their PIP implants consult their implanting surgeon.

The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks has issued a report on the safety of PIP silicone breast implants.

Please see the attached documents to read the report as well as a letter published by the human products safety department of the Irish Medicines Board.

Click here for further details and past safety notices.


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