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Membership Fees

Payment Methods

Direct Debit:
Contact the ICGP for a direct debit mandate at Subscriptions are deducted on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Login to the website using your ID and PIN number. On the My ICGP page, click the Transactions tab and follow the instructions on-screen.

Post cheques to ICGP, 4-5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

Discount on College Subscription 

The full subscription fee for 2015 is €1,072.00.

This has reduced the full subscription from €1,220.00 in 2012, €1,128.00 in 2013, €1,072.00 for 2014, and remains at €1,072.00 for 2015.

A full list of fee categories is available below.

If you wish to apply for a reduced subscription category please apply by email to

Instructions for Paying your College Subscription

Paying Online

To pay online, please go to, login using your ID number and PIN (if you have mislaid your login details, please contact the College at 01 6763705 or email On the 'My ICGP' page, click on the 'Transactions' link (on the left side of the page) and follow the instructions.

Direct Debit

Direct debit mandates are available by emailing Completed mandates should be returned by post to the College offices at 4-5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2. Payments by direct debit are deducted on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Cheques should be made out to the ICGP.

Fee Categories






Sub for 2014 (€)

F Member
Full time in general practice (>20 hours per week)
FD Member
Full member paying by direct debit
FO Member
Full member paying online
FP Member
In part time practice - available for consultation less than 20 hours per week.
FR Member
Fully retired from active medical practice and no longer registered with the Medical Council of Ireland
FR1 Member
Fully retired from active medical practice but engaged in other medical specialties
FF Member
Living outside the Republic of Ireland
FT Member
Temporarily retired from active medical practice.
For this category, members must apply annually by email to or in writing
MICGP Member
Elected through equivalent qualifications.

Appropriate fee will be automatically attached to account by the College on approval of application:

  • From 1st January to 31st March = 1,072.00
  • From 1st April to 30th June = 804.00
  • From 1st July to 30th September = 536.00
  • From 1st October to 31st December = 268.00

NM New Member
MICGP awarded in year of successfully completing the examination and the first full subscription year thereafter
A Associate Member 536.00
AR Associate Member
Retired from active medical practice
AF Associate Member
Living outside Republic of Ireland
AT Associate Trainee
In specialist training in Ireland
PR/HM Presidential Exemption/Honorary Member 0.00


If you wish to apply for a reduced subscription category, please apply by email to Changes in subscription categories will only apply to current year.