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Research Ethics

Meeting dates

  • Meeting 3: 17th June
    Deadline: 27th May
  • Meeting 4: 16th September
    Deadline: 26th August 
  • Meeting 5: 18th November
    Deadline: 21st October

The ICGP Research Ethics Committee was granted formal recognition on 17th May 2005. It reviews both clinical and non-clinical trials.

Chair: Dr. Kieran Doran 

Administrator: Sally-Anne O'Neill, email: sallyanne.o'


The Research Ethics Committee has adopted the following two basic statements as a guide:

  • 'Any study proposed which cannot answer the question posed is unethical.'
  • 'All research on human beings carries the possibility of harm. The level of risk, which is acceptable, depends upon the importance of the question being addressed.'

The Ethics Committee is constituted according to the International Conference on Harmonisation/Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) guidelines & the Clinical Trials Act 1987 (amended 1990). This Ethics Committee operates to the standards laid down in the ICH GCP guidelines published 1997 and implemented January 1998.

Application for Clinical Trials

ICGP Research Ethics Committee Checklist and Application Form » read more

Application for Non-Clinical Trials

Please submit your application, including all documentation, in typescript in single bound form (double sided) x 3 copies to Sally-Anne O'Neill, Research Administrator, ICGP, 4-5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, three weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, please email a copy of the full application to Sally-Anne O'Neill Within a week of » read more

Human Genome - the Research Ethics Dimension

Report from the "Human Genome - the Research Ethics Dimension" Conference held at the Conrad Hotel, Dublin on 27th February 2002. » read more

Human Genome - the Research Ethics Dimension - Summary

Summary of report from the "Human Genome - the Research Ethics Dimension" Conference held at the Conrad Hotel, Dublin on 27th February 2002. » read more

Online Research Ethics Committee Member Training Course

The CITI International Training Platform is a public access providing basic, foundational information for researchers, research staff and research ethics committee members involved in international research. » read more

Past Activity and (some) Future Challenges

A Discussion Paper for Members » read more

Release of the HSE National Consent Policy

See Part 3 for information relevant to research » read more

Research & Trainees - ICGP Guidance and Support Material for Programme Teams (members only)

In response to queries raised by a number of the training programmes to the ICGP Research Ethics Committee and requests from some programme teams, this document was compiled to facilitate understanding. » read more

Standard Operating Procedures of the Research Ethics Committee

Objective: To ensure that the content of the clinical trial documentation is relevant and accurate, the submissions are prepared and progressed in a consistent manner, and are subject to appropriate ethical review and approval procedures. » read more