Application for Non-Clinical Trials

18 July 2012 (updated: 06 October 2015)
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Please submit your application, including all documentation, in typescript in single bound form (double sided) x 3 copies to Sally-Anne O'Neill Research Administrator, ICGP, 4-5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, three weeks prior to the meeting, i.e. deadline submission date as indicated below. In addition, please email a copy of the full application to Sally-Anne O'Neill: sallyanne.o'

On receipt of your submission, Sally-Anne will notify you of receipt by email. If you do not receive this receipt confirmation email, please phone Sally-Anne on 01-6763705.

What you need to download, complete and send to the ICGP:

  • Local Checklist
  • Application Form
  • Supplementary material, e.g. consent, PIL, questionnaires, etc.
  • Local Declaration and Signatory Page


 Guidance Manual (Guidance_Manual_V5_5.pdf | 935 KB)
 Standard REC Application form for Non-Clinical trials (Standard_REC_Application_Form_V5_6_sept14.doc | 192 KB)




 ICGP REC Amendment form (ICGP_REC_Amendment_form.doc | 44 KB)
 ICGP REC Clarifications Response Form (ICGP_REC_Clarifications_Response_Form.doc | 44 KB)
 Local Committee Declaration and Signatory Page (ICGP_LOCAL_COMMITTEE_SIGNATORY_PAGE.doc | 40 KB)
 Sample Research Participant Consent Form (2011) (Template_ICGP_Research_Consent_Form_updated_2011.doc | 43 KB)
 Sample Research Participant Information Leaflet (Template_ICGP_Patient_Information_Leaflet_updated_2011.doc | 58 KB)