12 December 2016
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Specialist funding for 3rd and 4th year trainees

The next deadline for the submission of claims with appropriate supporting documentation is Tuesday 7 March. Only online applications will be accepted.

When was the fund established up?

The specialist fund (formally known as the discretionary fund) was first introduced in 2010 following the introduction of the 2010 NCHD agreement. 

What changes have been made to the application process?

The HSE continues to have a part in the specialist training fund for higher specialist trainees. This fund is to support and aid participation in education and training events.

Claims are managed directly by the ICGP. All claims for specialist funding must be made online, through the ICGP website.

To make a claim your must have your ICGP ID & Pin. When logged in, you will be able to view your account balance. You will then have the option of making claims under the following headings:

  • Event or course
  • Medical textbook
  • Medical equipment

Where appropriate, you will be required to upload supporting documentation, e.g. receipt confirming the amount paid (bank statements confirming fees paid are not accepted, cert of participation (for online courses), etc.

When your claim has been submitted to the ICGP you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

All supporting documentation must be submitted online with your application.

Who is entitled to the claim from this fund?

The specialist training fund is only available to higher specialist trainees, i.e. specialist, senior registrars and 3rd and 4th year GP trainees who are:

  • enrolled in approved higher training programmes AND
  • are currently in a clinical post for which they are receiving training credit and holding an NCHD contract

Please review Specialist Funding Guidance Document 2016 for more information on eligibility. 

How much can I claim?

The funding available to each HST trainee is equivalent to €500 per year of higher specialist training. At the end of the training year any unclaimed funding will be "rolled over" to the next training year until CSCST at which point you are no longer eligible to claim at which point any unclaimed funding will be returned to the HSE.

What can the fund be used for?

This fund can be used for relevant educational and training events that support your training. It can also be used to support the purchase of specialist medical equipment specifically required as part of your training programme. 

Trainees can apply for funding in respect of financial liabilities incurred between 11 July 2015 and 10 July 2016. 

What cannot be claimed?

Any exams or courses eligible under the Clinical Courses Refund scheme (Clinical Course & Examination Refund Scheme) cannot be claimed under this fund. For example, ACLS courses and membership/fellowship exams must be claimed through your hospital under the clinical courses refund scheme.

Hardware such as laptops cannot be claimed.

Applications received in relation to expenses incurred prior to 11 July 2015 will not be considered. For example, if you attended a conference in June 2015, this expense can no longer be claimed. 

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, see www.icgp.ie/GPreimbursement.

What is the cutoff date for claims?

Below are the deadline dates for 2016/2017, for which trainees must submit their application to the ICGP to ensure they are included on the quarterly list.

  • Tuesday 6th December 
  • Tuesday 7th March
  • Tuesday 6th June
  • Tuesday 3rd October

How are payments made?

The HSE has made arrangements with the ICGP to process this fund on their behalf.

Please allow 6-8 weeks processing time. All payments are now being made by direct debit payment Click here for the bank details for electronic payment .

Relevant forms:

Contact Details

Application for funding must be made directly to the ICGP, 4/5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2

Telephone: 01 6763705, Email: pauline.tierney@icgp.ie.


 Bank Details for Electronic Payment (Bank_Details_for_Electronic_Payment.doc | 67 KB)
 Specialist Funding Guidance 2016 -2017 (Specialist_Funding_Guidance_2016_-2017.pdf | 254 KB)
 Specialist Funding Claim Dates 2016-2017 (Specialist_Funding_Claim_Dates_2016_2017.pdf | 69 KB)
 Clinical Course & Examination Refund Scheme for NCHDs 2016 (Clinical_Course_and_Examination_Refund_Scheme_for_NCHDs_2016.pdf | 177 KB)