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What is Military Medicine?

Military Medicine constitutes the art and science of medicine as practiced in the Defence Forces or other military environments. 

What characteristics should a Medical Officer exhibit?

A Medical Officer (MO) is a specialist physician who practices medicine within a military environment and is defined by a unique set of professional characteristics. 

What is dual specialist training?

Dual specialist training combines training in two specialist disciplines; in this case, Military Medicine and General Practice.

Why is Military Medicine linked to general practice?

The congruence of the professional characteristics that define both disciplines makes General Practice (GP) the single most significant element of military medical practice.

Is it possible to complete specialist training in Military Medicine without completing specialist training in General Practice?

No. Military Medicine is part of a dual-specialty award that requires the completion of specialist training in General Practice in order for the military component to be valid.

What is the duration of the training programme?

The training programme is of 5 years duration in full-time training.

Is there a service commitment following completion of training?

Yes. Following completion of the training programme, the Medical Officer will have a three-year service commitment to fulfil and will be posted to a Medical Unit within the state. Subject to Defence Forces operational tasking, it is envisaged that Medical Officers will serve overseas for a period during this time.

Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee for the 2022 Military Medicine trainee application.

What does the application process involve?

There is a two-part application process. Applicants must comply with both the ICGP process and the Defence Forces process.

What supporting documentation is required with my application?

Candidates are required to submit all supporting documentation as specified by the ICGP. Candidates will be required to bring a passport sized photograph (signed on the back), an original copy of the Long Form Birth Certificate (photocopies are not acceptable), and their passport to the interview stage of the competition. Candidates will also be requested to sign the Declaration Form accompanying the application form at the interview.

Can I apply for GP training and Military Medicine?

Yes. Candidates applying for GP training may also apply for the Military Medicine training programme. However, a candidate may only accept one offer of a training place.

Am I required to comply with all terms and conditions associated with GP training when applying for Military Medicine?


What are my options if I am offered a place on the training programme?

Candidates may consider the offer and either accept or reject the offer by the closing date specified.

Can I defer a training place?

There is no option to defer a training place.

Who is my employer during the training scheme?

Trainees are Commissioned Officers of the Defence Forces for the duration of the Training scheme. During the first two years of the scheme, the trainee is seconded to, employed and paid by the Health Service Executive. During years three, four and five of the scheme, the trainee is employed and paid by the Defence Forces.

What is the pay scale in Initial Specialist Training?

The trainee is paid a Senior House Officer in the HSE. Details of the pay scale can by found in the Conditions governing the appointment of trainees in Military Medicine in the Defence Forces (2016).

What is the pay scale in Higher Specialist Training?

Trainees are paid as Captain Medical Officers. Details of the pay scale can by found in the Conditions governing the appointment of trainees in Military Medicine in the Defence Forces (2016).

Which GP training scheme is Military Medicine aligned with?

Military Medicine is aligned with the TCD Training Scheme in General Practice based in Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Will I serve overseas during the training scheme?

Subject to Defence Forces operational tasking, it is envisaged that trainees will serve overseas for up to two periods of three weeks at a time.