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Level 1 OST Prescriber

Any GP wishing to provide OST to opioid dependent persons must undertake training as provided by the ICGP in order to get a HSE Contract.

  • A Level 1 GP prescriber can treat stabilised opiate dependent persons in their own practice.
  • Patients may be referred from HSE Drug Treatment Centres, satellite clinics, or Level 2 GPs.
  • Ideally, the patient would be attending this GP for all his/her primary care requirements.


What is required to become a Level 1 OST Prescriber?

Step 1 - Online Training: Foundation Course in Addiction

Step 2 - Apply to your local HSE Addiction Services Manager for a contract.

This application should include: 

  • A copy of your Level 1 Certificate
  • Evidence of your registration on the GP Specialist Register.  
  • Once contract is signed go to step 3.

HSE Addiction Services Managers

GP Coordinators list

Step 3 - Contact your local GP Coordinator

Contact your local GP Co-ordinator to start the process of taking on patients.

Please be aware that an annual audit is a contractual obligation. Click here for more information on the audit.