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International Programmes



The ICGP is a member of WONCA (World Organisation for National Colleges and Academies of general practice/family medicine).


The ICGP is represented on the following network organisations of Wonca Europe:

  • EGPRN - The European GP Research Network
  • EAPH - European Association for Physician Health
  • EQuiP - The European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice
  • EURACT - The European Academy of Teachers in GP/FM
  • VdGM - The WONCA Europe Network for New and European Family Doctors

Click here for information on WONCA and its network organisations

The ICGP is also represented in Wonca Europe on the following two levels:

Wonca Europe Council

The chair of the ICGP has a seat on the Wonca Europe Council.

Wonca Europe Executive Board

In 2013, Dr Andrée Rochfort was elected by EQuiP to a seat on the Wonca Europe Executive Board.