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European Association for Physician Health


What is EAPH?

The European Association for Physician Health, EAPH ( is a network of organisations and individuals concerned with doctors' health to communicate and work together. The EAPH aims to encourage a universally higher standard of support for doctors health and healthcare across Europe by providing a forum for:

  • Sharing expertise and good practice on the clinical care and support of doctors
  • Influencing and encouraging the development of health services for doctors
  • Undertaking joint research on the health and well being of doctors

Background to EAPH

The constitution of the association was agreed by those who attended the Oslo EAPH conference in 2009.

The founding officers are:

  • Dr Karin Ro PhD of Norwegian Medical Association and Villa Sana, Norway
  • Dr Mike Peters, GP & Head of BMA Doctors for Doctors Unit
  • Dr Pilar Lusilla, Psychiatrist and
  • Dr Antoni Arteman, Psychiatrists, both from Galatea Foundation and Paimm ( in Barcelona, an inpatient and outpatient facility in Barcelona which exclusively treats doctors from all over Spain
  • Prof Frieder Wurst, Psychiatrist, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg
  • Dr Andree Rochfort, GP and Director of the ICGP Doctors' Health Programme, Dublin, Ireland
  • Prof Jenny Firth Cozens of London Deanery (postgraduate medical education) retired in 2011, and Prof Olaf Aasland, Norwegian Medical Association also retired from EAPH in 2011

The current officers are:

  • Debbie Cohen (UK)
  • Eric Galam (France)
  • Pilar Lusilla (Spain)
  • Michael Peters (UK)
  • Karin Rø (Norway)
  • Andrée Rochfort (Ireland)
  • Kristiina Toivola (Finland)
  • Friedrich Wurst (Austria)

EAPH conferences 

To access previous EAPH Conference proceedings and presentations, please click here.

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