Press Releases / Statements 2013

ICGP launches new elearning module for STIs

At its Winter Meeting on 23 November, the ICGP launched a new elearning module for general practitioners on the management of STIs in primary care. » read more

ICGP Winter Meeting 2013 - Future Proofing Irish General Practice

The ICGP Winter Meeting took place on Saturday 23 November in Athlone. » read more

HSE statement - health organisations tackle the global health risk of antibiotic resistance as antibiotic misuse threatens all our futures

Keeping antibiotics effective is everyone's responsibility » read more

European Antibiotic Awareness Day (members only)

Letter from Dr Seamus Cryan, ICGP President » read more

ICGP infograph: unintended consequences of Budget 2014

The ICGP is calling on the Government to provide details of the reports or data that the Department of Health used to measure the health outcomes and benefits that universal medical cover for children aged five and under would deliver, and how that compares with the impact of withdrawing medical cover from the over 70s. » read more

Statement: ICGP warns of dangerous and unintended consequences of the 2014 health budget

GPs say the Budget is a retrograde step in the promise of universal healthcare » read more

ICGP statement on free GP visits for under-fives

The ICGP has reacted to the confirmation from the Government that it plans to go ahead with taking over the cost of paying for GP care for under-fives from parents. » read more

General practitioners call for minimum pricing for alcohol - ICGP pre-budget submission 2013

The ICGP has called for minimum pricing for alcohol to be introduced in its pre-budget submission. » read more

Announcement of EGM to amend ICGP governance (members only)

The ICGP has announced that an extraordinary general meeting will be held in Athlone on 23 November 2013 in relation to proposed amendments to ICGP governance. » read more

Statement: Outbreak of Hepatitis A

An outbreak of hepatitis A is currently under investigation in Ireland. » read more