ICGP Winter Meeting report

Theme: The different faces of advocacy in general practice » read more

Publication of the Report of the Expert Panel on the Medical Need for Medical Card Eligibility

The Report of the Expert Panel on Medical Need for Medical Card Eligibility was published on Tuesday 25 November 2014. » read more

European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2014

Doctors and vets urged to take a more critical look before prescribing antibiotics as antibiotic resistance remains one of the biggest global threats to public health. » read more

Launch of undertheweather.ie to combat overuse of antibiotics

Undertheweather.ie, developed by the HSE in partnership with GPs and pharmacists, offers straightforward advice on how to get through common illnesses without antibiotics. » read more

ICGP statement: Access to diagnostics underpins health inequalities in Ireland

Access to diagnostics was highlighted, in a report which the ICGP published in May 2013, as the key factor behind health inequalities in Ireland. » read more

ICGP announces new auditing tools for GPs

'Heart finder' tools will improve the auditing of heart disease in general practice. » read more

ICGP clarification: no approval of national model of care for asthma

The ICGP learned over the weekend of an article by the Irish Medical Times entitled "model of asthma care agreed". » read more

ICGP pre-budget submission 2015

The ICGP has published its pre-budget submission for Budget 2015. » read more

Infographic on Irish general practice

Image for article titled 'Infographic on Irish general practice' The ICGP has created an infographic to depict on one page, the status of general practice in Ireland for use by GPs and faculties. We have sought to highlight in this infographic the key role general practice plays in the health service and our willingness to adapt to that role to improve our patients' health and to meet new demands. » read more

ICGP response to Irish Times article “Report casts doubt on GP exodus”

"Report casts doubt on GP exodus", Irish Times, Friday 12 September, Martin Wall, page 8. » read more