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03 December 2018
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ICGP EGM Press Release

The Irish College of General Practitioners held an Extraordinary General meeting of members at the Grand Hotel Malahide, this afternoon (Sunday December 2nd 2018).

Over 300 members attended the meeting, and heard from doctors with a range of views on the provision of abortion services by GPs.

The legislation to provide termination of pregnancy services in the community comes into force in January, or when the legislation is passed.

The College was disappointed at the decision of a number of GPs to attend the meeting and stage a walk-out within 30 minutes, having objected to the official procedure of the meeting.

However, over 250 members stayed for a meaningful debate on the provision of termination of pregnancy services by GPs. There were a range of views heard from the floor and questions were raised and answered by members of the Board of the College.

"The College's remit is to provide training and education for all GPs, and for those GPs who wish to offer this service. We are aware of the concerns of those with a conscientious objection to providing termination of pregnancy services, and we have successfully advocated for an "opt-in" service and for a 24-hour helpline as the first point of information for those who seek the service", said Dr Tony Cox, Medical Director of the ICGP.

"We are sorry that those who walked out didn't stay to listen, as there was a meaningful discussion of all the issues on the agenda.," Dr Cox added.

"The College's priority is to support a patient-centred, high quality and safe service for those who seek the service," he added.

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