GP Trainee Recruitment FAQs

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A. Has the recruitment process changed from 2016? What are the main changes?

Yes, there have been some changes. » read more

B. Why would there be unfilled places?

Unfilled places (or clearing phase) is where places are available following initial rounds of recruitment. » read more

C. What are my options if offered a training place?

See this article for details. » read more

D. What are the instructions to applicants?

See this article for details. » read more

E. What are the terms and conditions of the ICGP GP trainee recruitment application?

See this article for details. » read more

F. Are the shortlisting criteria/guidance publically available?

Yes. See this article for details. » read more

G. Am I eligible for the Trainee Division of the Irish Medical Council register?

The NCHD contract requires all junior doctors participating in a structured training programme to hold trainee specialist division registration. » read more

H. Am I required to have English Language competency certification?

Yes, applicants must meet the standardised English Language competency requirements as set out by the HSE. » read more

I. Does the ICGP have a detailed person specification?

Yes. See this attached document for details. » read more

J. What competencies should a GP have?

The following is a list of competencies that a GP should have. » read more

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