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GP Trainee Recruitment

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Am I eligible for the Trainee Division of the Irish Medical Council register?

The NCHD contract requires all junior doctors participating in a structured training programme to hold trainee specialist division registration. » read more

Am I required to have English Language competency certification?

The ability to communicate clearly with patients and colleagues is a key requirement for all healthcare professionals. Proficiency in the English language is therefore a core competency for NCHDs working in the Irish public health service. » read more

Are FY1 & FY2 applicants eligible to apply?

Applications from doctors in Foundation Yr. 1 at the time of applying will not be deemed eligible for the 2021 recruitment process. Applications from doctors that have completed Foundation Yr 1 at the time of applying and doctors in Foundation Yr. 2 will be deemed eligible. » read more

Are there declarations on the ICGP application form?

Applicants are required to indicate True or False to declaration 2, 3 and 4 on the online application and, if called to interview, applicants will be asked to submit a signed copy of the declarations at the interview centre in advance of interviews. » read more

Can I arrange to swap training posts with a colleague on another GP training scheme?

There is currently no process to swap training posts with a colleague on another training scheme. » read more

Can I defer a training place?

No, offers made as part of the 2021 recruitment process are for commencement in July 2021. There is no option to defer a training place. » read more

Does the ICGP have a detailed person specification?

The 2021 person specification is as follows... » read more

Does the ICGP have a document outlining the overall recruitment process?

Yes, the 2021 Guide to Applicants outlines the recruitment process from application stage to offers stage. » read more

How many GP trainees were recruited in 2020?

The table below shows the numbers recruited in 2020. » read more

I do not have IMC registration. How can I get an IMC reference number?

It is necessary to apply to the IMC for registration. While it may take a number of weeks for your application to be processed the IMC will give you a specific reference number on receipt of your application form for registration. » read more

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