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GP Trainee Recruitment

All of the information on the FAQ relates to the 2022 process. Details of the 2023 process will be available by early autumn.

If you would like to be notified when details are finalised please contact Pauline – to have you name added to the list.

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Am I eligible for the Trainee Division of the Irish Medical Council register?

The NCHD contract requires all junior doctors participating in a structured training programme to hold trainee specialist division registration. » read more

Am I required to have English Language competency certification?

The ability to communicate clearly with patients and colleagues is a key requirement for all healthcare professionals. Proficiency in the English language is therefore a core competency for NCHDs working in the Irish public health service. » read more

Are FY1 & FY2 applicants eligible to apply?

Applications from doctors in Foundation Yr. 1 at the time of applying will not be deemed eligible for the 2022 recruitment process. Applications from doctors that have completed Foundation Yr 1 at the time of applying and doctors in Foundation Yr. 2 will be deemed eligible. » read more

Are there declarations on the ICGP application form?

Applicants are required to indicate True or False to declaration 2, 3 and 4 and provide additional information where appropriate. » read more

Can I arrange to swap training posts with a colleague on another GP training scheme?

There is currently no process to swap training posts with a colleague on another training scheme. » read more

Can I defer a training place?

No, offers made as part of the recruitment process are for commencement on the second Monday in July. There is no option to defer a training place. » read more

Does the ICGP have a detailed person specification?

The 2023 person specification is as follows... » read more

Does the ICGP have a document outlining the overall recruitment process?

Yes, please view the 2023 Guide to Applicants » read more

How many GP trainees were recruited in 2022?

The table below shows the numbers recruited in 2022. » read more

Is there an application fee?

Yes, an application fee of €70 will apply to all applicants. The introduction of this fee is as a result of an increase in the overall number of applications for the last 5 years, leading to a large increase in administrative work and the development of appropriate IT systems to support the process. » read more

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