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23 September 2020 (updated: 23 September 2021)
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Does the ICGP have a detailed person specification?

The 2022 person specification is as follows: 

Entry Criteria  
Qualifications Be the holder of a primary medical degree or equivalent medical qualification.
Eligibility Be eligible for registration on the trainee specialist register of the Irish Medical Council register. Meet English language competency requirements as per HSE guidelines. Have completed a minimum of nine months paid full time (or equivalent) postgraduate acute hospital based clinical experience either as an intern or SHO at the time of starting GP Training. Clinical posts must be a minimum duration of 3 months each (the only exception to this is where they are part of a structured intern programme).
Fitness to Practice Be up to date and fit to practice safely on the trainee specialist register without restriction at the 2022 commencement of training date, i.e., 11th July 2022.
Health Be fully competent and capable of performing the duties associated with participation in a GP Training Scheme and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service in training posts.
Career Progression Provide a complete employment history including career gaps. Show evidence that career progression is consistent with duration of medical career. Display, to the satisfaction of an interview board, a range of competencies appropriate to the role of a GP trainee. Not be registered nor entitled to be registered as a specialist in General Practice on the Specialist Division of the Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Irish Medical Council. Not hold nor be eligible to hold a Certificate of Specific Training/Acquired Rights in General Practice from the Irish Medical Council. Not currently be a trainee in any of the recognised general practice training schemes in the Republic of Ireland.