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23 September 2020
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Am I eligible for the Trainee Division of the Irish Medical Council register?

The NCHD contract requires all junior doctors participating in a structured training programme to hold trainee specialist division registration. Given the Training Bodies' role in the selection of trainees to training programmes and the subsequent proposal of such trainees to employment positions within the health service, it is required that all applicants to training programmes would either hold or be eligible to hold registration on the trainee specialist division.

In that context all applicants must indicate at time of application their eligibility to hold registration on the trainee specialist division. Please note candidates who do not currently hold Medical Council registration must make an application to the Medical Council immediately. 

The Medical Council have advised that the following candidates can be automatically considered eligible for the trainee specialist division:

  • Doctors who have graduated from an Irish Medical School and successfully completed their internship in Ireland or will have completed their internship in Ireland by July 2021.
  • Doctors who have successfully completed their medical qualification in one the following EU countries:
    Czech Republic
    Slovak Republic
  • Doctors who are currently or previously on the Trainee Specialist Division

All other candidates must provide proof of their eligibility to the trainee specialist division at time of application.

Candidates who qualified in an EU member state other than one of the above will be required to provide, in addition to their medical degree, any additional documentation stated in the EU Directive 2005/36/EC, in order to establish eligibility for registration in the Trainee Specialist Division. Example, a doctor who qualifies in the UK will be asked to provide a Certificate of Experience in addition to his/her medical degree when applying for registration.

Please note the Medical Council cannot confirm a doctor's eligibility for trainee specialist registration until an application for registration has been submitted to the Council and assessed. Note that it will take between 4 to 6 weeks before an application is fully examined and confirmation of a doctor's eligibility for trainee specialist registration cannot be provided before that time. Candidates are advised to apply to the Medical Council for registration and following submission of an application contact the Medical Council to seek an email confirming eligibility to the trainee division. This email confirming eligibility must be submitted with your application.

Applicants who have qualified outside the EU must pass or be exempt from the PRES to establish eligibility for registration in the Trainee Specialist Division. They must also have completed an internship which is recognised by the Medical Council as equivalent to an Irish internship.

The Medical Council recognises internships undertaken in the following countries as equivalent:

  • Australia
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan where the internship was commenced after 31st December 2008 (note: the rotations must meet the standards of an Irish internship)
  • Sudan
  • South Africa where the internship was commenced after 1st July 2006
  • UK
  • Malta