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23 September 2020 (updated: 11 September 2023)
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What are the terms and conditions of the ICGP GP trainee recruitment application?

General Practice Trainee Recruitment 2024 Terms and Conditions

Applicants are required to confirm (on the online application forms) that they have read, understand and accept in full the terms and conditions as outlined below. 

I, the applicant accept that:

1. The 2024 GP trainee recruitment process will be in two stages: 

Application deadlines as outlined above are absolute. Key Dates.

2. I understand that the application fee is non-refundable in any event.

3. It is my responsibility to ensure I meet the eligibility requirements for GP Trainee Recruitment 2024. Failure to meet the requirements does not entitle me to a refund of the application fee.

4. The ICGP will process my data in accordance with the ICGP GP Trainee Recruitment Privacy Policy.

5. I accept the requirements in the ICGP 2024 Person Specification.

6. Representations should not be made on my behalf.

7. It is my responsibility to ensure that I provide accurate contact details, including a valid email address which is checked regularly.

8. I have read the 2024 Guide to Applicants

9. I have referred to the National Specialist Training Programme in General Practice prospectus. If successful, I accept that I will be allocated to a scheme for four years, with the exception of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) applicants. 

10. I will be required to nominate my training scheme preferences after the interviews.

11. I am required to provide details of two referees with the online application. The referees must be supervising consultants with whom I have worked. I accept that two fully completed HSE BST references must be submitted to ICGP prior to my interview date. I accept that the ICGP reserves the right to use references to preclude offers being made if the reference submitted is deemed to be unsatisfactory.

12. The information and statements contained in my application and in the supplementary material provided with my application are accurate, true and correct. I accept that any false or misleading information submitted by me may render any offer of a training position and associated employment as null and void.

13. Any false claims may be referred to the Irish Medical Council.

14. The ICGP will not be liable if my application is deemed ineligible due to the submission of incorrect, insufficient, or illegible supporting documentation. I accept that in this instance reassessment will not be facilitated.

15. Changes cannot be made to the content of the application form after the application has been submitted.

16. I will be required to undertake Situational Judgment (SJT) & Clinical Problem-Solving Test (CPST) online tests as part of the overall GP training application process. The results of my tests for the 2024 GP trainee recruitment process will apply only in this application year.

17. Applicants meeting the eligibility and shortlisting criteria will be randomly allocated to an online interview panel and further details of this will be made available to me later in the process.

18. Interviews will be held during the second week in February 2024 and all interviews will be online. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that they are in a suitable location with adequate internet access.

19. Applicants will be offered training places in accordance with HSE Recruitment Policy. National ranking will be based on combined shortlisting and interview scores, candidate's preference, and available schemes at the time the offer is issued.

20. An applicant who declines their first training offer will be included in the next round of offers and may receive another offer but will not receive the same offer twice or an offer of a scheme which they have ranked lower than the scheme they have declined.

21. By accepting an offer of a training place, I commit to train on the accepted scheme. I accept that a late withdrawal from an accepted training place is unprofessional and may be reported to the Medical Council.

22. I must hold a current valid driving license or provide an undertaking to provide alternative means of transport from commencement of GP training i.e. 8th July 2024, if necessary to attend hospital posts and/or GP posts, and/or when providing emergency and domiciliary care, and/or attendance at day release to fulfil the requirements of the whole training scheme.

23. If successful I will accept the hospital posts and GP training practices assigned to me by my training scheme.

24. If my application is successful, my application form in its entirety including my BST reference forms will be made available to the relevant employers/clinical sites that facilitate the delivery of specialist training in General Practice.

25. If my application is successful, in addition to meeting the requirements of the training body, participation in the scheme throughout its duration is dependent on my meeting the relevant employer's requirements. Such requirements include:

  • Formal Garda Clearance, Induction, satisfactory completion of occupational health assessments, provision in a timely manner of the relevant documentation required by employers for employment purposes e.g., CPR

26. Failure to meet the requirements of any relevant employer may result in removal from the training scheme as training posts cannot be filled without the required documentation.

27. Data from the GP training recruitment process may be used by the ICGP to future improve the process and this data may be shared with relevant departments within the College structure and relevant external bodies, including HSE and / or those acting on their behalf.

28. SJT & CPST data will be processed by a third-party service provider in the UK under contract to ICGP.

29. The commencement date for GP training in 2024, is 8th July and delayed starts will not be considered.

30. If successful in my application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) –I will be allocated to a scheme for 3 years Recognition of Prior Learning 2024

31. Inter-scheme transfers prior to commencing training will not be considered. Such transfers during training are rare and considered only in exceptional circumstances.

32. Standard feedback will be provided to applicants that do not meet the minimum standards in the SJT & CPST Tests. Feedback following interview can be provided to unsuccessful applicants on request.

33. If successful, my training contract will be with ICGP, and my employment contract will be through the HSE.


 Terms and Conditions 2024 (Terms_and_Conditions_2024.pdf | 198 KB)