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GP Trainee Recruitment

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Is there guidance for interview candidates regarding the 2021 GP Training Interviews

Yes, candidates invited for interview should review the video link below for information on the 2021 interview format and content. » read more

What are my options if offered a training place?

Offer process for 2022 » read more

What are the instructions for completing the 2021 application?

Yes, please see the attached instructions. » read more

What are the shortlisting criteria/guidance?

Shortlisting is based on the information which applicants supply on the application form. This information, combined with information on applicant's eligibility, determines which candidates are invited to interview. » read more

What are the terms and conditions of the ICGP GP trainee recruitment application?

The terms and conditions of the 2022 application process will be provided to applicants when the 2022 online application opens on 14 October. » read more

What competencies should a GP have?

The core GP competencies are... » read more

What is a Certificate of Experience (COE)

The Certificate of Experience (COE) is a document which confirms that a doctor has successfully completed their internship to the standards set by the Medical Council. » read more

What is the HSE pay scale?

See for details. » read more

What is the ICGP's policy regarding the allocation of GP training places?

View the ICGP policy on the allocation of GP training places for recruitment 2022. » read more

What is the content of each page of the GP trainee recruitment online application?

Click here to view Steps 1 through to Step 12. » read more

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