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Modified Essay Question (MEQ) Module


The MEQ module has eight questions that deal with problems typically encountered in general practice that might present to a GP in Ireland. The content may vary from common clinical problems to conflict with members of the primary care team or an environmental issue, which impacts on the community.

It is designed to test decision-making skills. It aims to assess the candidate's ability to identify the issues involved and logically resolve them using their own skills and those of others. The questions are based on real-life situations which have occurred in every day general practice often in one of the examiner's practices.

Questions and answers including marking schedules are produced by a group of examiners coordinated by an MEQ Convenor. The question is then reviewed by another group of examiners before being submitted to the Exam. The ideal answer is formed by the group of examiners agreeing on a number of ideas and themes which they as ordinary general practitioners consider important to the issue at hand. For the purposes of marking, these are called constructs.