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Online Orientation Programme

Why an Online Orientation Programme?

It was decided that the online orientation programme provided the best platform on which to provide candidates with a comprehensive description of the Examination and each individual Examination module.

Members of the current Exam Development Committee, including examination module convenors, are contributors and a recent MICGP graduate has also augmented the production of the programme.

By making the MICGP Online Orientation Programme available and easily accessible to all candidates we can assure the consistency and accuracy of the information disseminated and in so doing guarantee fairness to all candidates.

It is hoped that the design of this self-directed online learning programme will enable both individual candidates and study groups to effectively prepare themselves for the MICGP Examination, the summative assessment of competency for Irish general practice.

Upon registration for an Examination Module(s) the candidate has automatic access to that module/s as well as a general overview of the MICGP Examination and practical strategies for engaging effectively with the MICGP Examination.

We hope you find the programme both educational and effective.

Dr Molly Owens
Chair, ICGP Examination Committee