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MICGP Examiner Recruitment Process

Application Process

Suitably qualified GPs may apply to become an MICGP Examiner via the Examiner Application Portal. Applications which meet the minimum criteria will be reviewed by the MICGP Examinations Sub-Committee.

Applications will be reviewed twice a year (January and August) and successful applicants will be invited to attend the next appropriate MICGP Examiner Workshop. Please note that New Examiners must have completed two workshops and observed at least one sitting of the exam prior to commencing active assessment duties.

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MICGP Examiner Panel – Demographics

It should be noted that it is ICGP policy to have a functioning MICGP Examiner Panel with a demographic that is reflective of all types of Irish General Practice (Full-Time, Part-Time, and Academic).

Appointments will be made in line with panel requirements. Therefore, not all suitable applicants will be appointed to the MICGP Examiner Panel. In the instance where there is not an identifiable vacant position, successful applicants will be added to a reserve panel for appointment at a future date.

Minimum Criteria for Application – Stage 1

At a minimum, applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Currently on the Specialist Register under the discipline of General Practice with the Irish Medical Council or hold active registration on the GMC GP Register. Applicants must upload a copy of their registration as part of the applicant process.
  • Be registered on a Professional Competence Scheme and PCS compliant.
  • MICGP/MRCGP or recognised equivalent   

    • Holders of MICGP must be full Members (applicants cannot be accepted from Associate members) in professional and financial good standing.
    • Holders of MRCGP or Equivalent will be required to submit a Letter or Certificate of Good Standing in addition to their Membership Certification as part of the application process.

  • In active clinical practice for a minimum period of 4 years post qualification (or equivalent) working 8 sessions per week in clinical practice, for a minimum of 75% of the calendar year.   

    • Please note OOH/Specialist Practice (e.g. Women's Health Clinic/Prison Medicine can only be taken into account for 25% of the total amount of clinical practice experience)

  • Experience in medical training/teaching/assessment at either undergraduate/postgraduate/specialist training is desirable but not necessary

Applicants who are deemed to satisfy these requirements will proceed onto the assessment phase of the recruitment process.

Assessment – Stage 2

Applicants deemed suitable by the MICGP Exam Sub-Committee will be sent a Potential New Examiner Assessment Pack. They will be required to read the included guidance documents and complete the associated assessment activities.

Paper Based Assessment

This is a time-limited exercise. Once the applicant receives the pack, they will have a 10 day window in which to complete the assessment and return the pack to the ICGP.

This pack will assess the skill level of the applicant across a number of areas

  1. Question Writing   

    1. Applicants will be required to submit five sample CKT (Single Best Answer) questions and 2 sample MEQ questions with mark schemes

  1. Question Marking   

    1. Applicants will be required to mock mark and rank five MEQ (Modified Essay Questions) answers using a standardised MEQ Question Mark Scheme.


Teamwork/Group Interaction Workshop

Candidates who successfully complete this part of the process will then be invited to a half day assessment. They will work, together with current panel members, on writing, calibrating and marking CCT cases.

Group cohesiveness and collegiality underpins much of the work completed by the MICGP Examiner Panel. Therefore, the ability to work well in a group setting in a respectful and professional manner with fellow examiners and administrative staff is a core requirement for an MICGP Examiner. This will be assessed through applicant interactions at this workshop.


Following the completion of both assessment stages, all applications will be reviewed by the MICGP Examinations Sub-Committee and appointments will be made in line with panel needs. In some instances, not all successful applicants will be appointed. If this occurs those applicants will be added to an approved list until a suitable post occurs on the MICGP Examiner Panel.

Probationary Period

Successful applicants will be offered a probationary contract of one years' duration. On completion of this probationary year, examiner participation and contribution will be reviewed by the MICGP Examinations Sub-Committee. Please note that re-appointment at the end of that one year probationary period is not guaranteed.