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Recommended Reading

Consultation/Communication Skills

The Doctors Communication Handbook
Peter Tate; Radcliffe Medical Press
Skills for Communicating with Patients
Draper J et al; Radcliffe Medical Press
Teaching and Learning Communication Skills
Draper et al; Radcliffe Medical Press
The Doctor-Patient Relationship
Browne K & Freeling P; Churchill Livingstone
The Consultation: An Approach to Learning and Teaching
Pendleton D, Schofield, Tate and Havelock; Oxford University Press


Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine
Risdale; WB Saunders 1995
Evidence Based Medicine
Sackett et al; Churchill Livingstone
Clinical Evidence BMJ publications


General Clinical, General Practice & Specialist Areas

British National Formulary
Oxford Handbook of General Practice
Chantal Simon et al; OUP GP series
Doctors Dilemmas Decisions
Ben Essex; BMJ Publishing Group
General Practice Medicine
Berber JH; Churchill Livingstone
Handbook of Emergencies in General Practice
Lawrence et al.; Churchill Livingstone
Common Sense Geriatrics
MK Thompson; Clinical Press Limited 1990
Terminal Care at Home
Roy Spilling; OUP
Geriatric Problems in General Practice
Wilcock, Groy and Prichard; OUP GP series
Continuing Care: The Management of Chronic Disease
Hasler JC; OUP
The Child Surveillance Handbook
Hall, Hill & Elliman; Radcliffe Medical Press
The Normal Child
Illingworth R.
Paediatric Problems in General Practice
Modell; OUP GP series No 36
A Guide to Psychiatry in Primary Care
Patricia R Casey; Wrightson Biomedical Publishing Ltd.
A Guide to General Practice
Oxford GP Trainee Group; Blackwell Scientific Publications
Towards Earlier Diagnosis
Hodgkins K.; Churchill Livingstone
Research in General Practice
Howie J; Croom Helm
Making Sense of Audit in General Practice
Irvine D&S; Radcliffe Medical Press
Research Methods for General Practice
Armstrong et al.; OUP GP series
Women's Problems in General Practice
McPherson A; OUP GP series
Men's Health
O'Dowd; OUP GP series
A GP Training Handbook (Second Edition)
MS Hall; Blackwell Scientific Publications
The Eye in General Practice
Jackson & Finlay; Churchill Livingston (9th Edition)
The ABC of Eyes
BMJ Publications
A Colour Atlas of ENT Diagnosis
TR Bull; Wolfe Medical Books
Clinical Dermatology
Ronan Mackie; OUP
Atlas of Dermatology (1996)
Lyonel Frey; Butterworths
Dermatology an Illustrated Guide (1993)
Lyonel Fry; Butterworths
Counselling in Primary Health Care
Keithley; OUP GP series 2nd Edition
Notes for the MRCGP
Palmer KT; Blackwell
Modified Questions for MRCGP
Blackwell Science
Hot Topics in General Practice
Stacey; Bios