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Network of GP Trainees

GP Trainee Peer Mentorship Programme

Near peer mentoring allows senior trainees volunteer to provide mentorship to first year trainees. Learn more

About the Network of GP Trainees

  • The Network is the general practice trainee voice on training matters
  • Any trainee can be a committee member
  • There are two trainees per scheme

Aims of the Network of GP Trainees

  • To advocate for trainees - education, training and professional development
  • To represent trainees at the ICGP and other bodies
  • To encourage collaboration between trainees on different schemes
  • To encourage involvement of trainees in College
  • To keep trainees well informed on education and training related issues
  • To foster and maintain a collaborative relationship with the ICGP

What does the Network of GP Trainees do?

  • The Network meets four times per year and communicates frequently between these meetings
  • The Network represents trainee issues on a range of different committees including:
    1. ICGP Council - the highest level of the College. This is the core representative body, and guides the board on policy and strategy
    2. PGTC - the Post Graduate Training Committee, which promotes and maintains training standards
    3. NCCT - acts as a national steering committee
    4. The Network is the general practice trainee voice on training matters

What the Network of GP Trainees doesn't do

  • Represent GP trainees on issues of contract or remuneration

Want more information or to get involved?

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