03 August 2018
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Medical Council Registration

As a GP Trainee what register must I be on?

All GP trainees must ensure that they are on the correct register during their four year training. Trainees are required to be on the Trainee Specialist Division of the register.

Please note: Where a doctor is registered in the specialist division and then takes up a recognised training post, his/her name remains in the specialist division but details of his/her training post are recorded.

How my training posts are centrally recorded?

All training rotations carried out by trainees are entered to the NCHD database. The training hospitals are responsible for entering the hospital rotations. The ICGP are responsible for entering the GP practice based rotations. In effect, this means that the majority of rotations carried out by 1st and 2nd years are entered by hospital administration, and the ICCGP administration enter the 3rd and 4th year's rotations. 

How are the Irish Medical Council notified of my training posts?

On a daily basis the Irish Medical Council receive automatic updates from the NCHD database. If your training post is not on the NCHD or if you have not paid your retention fee you will be transferred to the general register.

If you have paid your retention fee and still find yourself on the general register, please contact Sylvia Browne, email: sylvia.browne@icgp.ie, or Pauline Tierney, email: pauline.tierney@icgp.ie.

Information on the IMC annual retention is available here: www.medicalcouncil.ie/eseries/esr.elogin

When I complete my training, what register should I be on?

When you have successfully completed GP Training (nominated for Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST) and successfully completed all modules of the MICGP examination, you will be eligible to be entered onto the Specialist division of the register.

This year you will be able to request transfer from the trainee division of the Irish Medical Council register to the specialist division via the Online Portal for Doctors. The Medical Council has indicated that this is the required option for transfer between divisions.

To do this, simply log onto: www.medicalcouncil.ie/eseries/esr.elogin and follow the instructions. When you get access to the online portal follow the steps to initiating a transfer application - graduates will be asked for appropriate fee and proof of having completed specialist training at this stage (due to the fact the GP trainees do not get their ICGP membership certificates until the graduation ceremony in October, the IMC accept the membership letter issued to trainees.

Training schemes inform the ICGP of trainees that have been nominated for CSCST, this is matched with trainees that have successfully completed all modules of the MICGP examination and membership letters are issued.

Trainees who experience any difficulty with the online portal may contact the IMC at onlineportal@imc.ie.

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