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Cork Specialist Training Scheme in General Practice

24 September 2020
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Cork Specialist Training Scheme in General Practice

Address: University College Cork. 3 Bloomfield Terrace. Western Rd, Cork
021 4902312

The Cork Training Scheme has been in existence since 1972 and it became affiliated with University College Cork in 1976. It has an annual intake of 16 trainees serving the Cork region.

1. Teaching staff at day release

  • Dr Paddy Ryan - leadership / trainee affairs / W / S Hospital liaison person
  • Dr Dan Hinds - outside resources and trainer liaison; Balint Society
  • Dr Sheila Rochford - curriculum mapping and design; trainer workshop planning; Balint Society
  • Dr John Sheehan - Public health and leadership in the community
  • Dr Cathy Banstead - trainee assessment and sexual health; ICGP examiner
  • Dr Paul Ryan- therapeutics; ICT
  • Dr Aisling Jennings – research; care of the older adult/nursing home care; review &feedback

Each member of the PD team have other skills / qualifications that enhance their input into the running of the Cork scheme, e.g. Cathy Banstead, ICGP examiner; Sheila Rochford has a Masters in Education and a Fellowship of Academy of Medical Education 2011. FRCGP 2012. Paddy Ryan holds FRCGP 2013; and Sheila and Dan are involved in the local Balint Society.

2. Hospital posts

The first two of training are hospital based, usually in four six-month rotations. In addition, first and second year trainees spend one-week attached to a teaching practice in each six-month period of their hospital attachments. Hospital consultants are encouraged to provide knowledge and skills relevant to primary care in the following specialities:

4 SHO posts in Cork University Hospital
3 SHO posts in Mercy University Hospital

3 SHO posts in Cork University Maternity Hospital / South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital

3 SHO posts in St. Stephen's Hospital Glanmire, Cork
2 SHO posts in Cork University Hospital
1 SHO post in Mercy University Hospital

A & E
3 SHO posts in Cork University Hospital

4 SHO posts in Cork University Hospital
(1 Medicine / 1 Medicine / Palliative; 1 AMAU / Cardiology)
1 SHO post Mallow General Hospital
 3 SHOs posts in Mercy University Hospital

3. Experience outside hospital specialities

An introduction to minor specialities not catered for within the current hospital posts happens on the day-release programme. These include sessions on ENT, dermatology and ophthalmology, as well as counselling skills, occupational medicine, physiotherapy, finance, law and an ever-changing series of sessions depending on current curricular needs. Trainers are also encouraged to release trainees to attend outpatient sessions in specialities not covered by them during their hospital rotation. A series of half days to community services can be organised in third year as part of educational leave and, further half days in fourth year, can also be used as part of educational leave.

4. Day release

First and second year trainees spend approximately 37 half-days per annum and third and fourth years spend 37 full days working in groups. This is considered to meet the specific needs of trainees as future general practitioners and takes account of their individual and personal development as well as equipping them with professional skills. Course design is based on trainees' input.

5. Training practices

There are 32 GP training practices accredited with the Cork GP training programme located throughout Cork city and county. Training practices are paired in third and fourth year to ensure you get a mix of training experiences, i.e. a rural / urban / family planning certification, etc., over the space of two years.

6. Assessment

Trainees will be part of a continual review of performance both formal and informal.

7. Research

The Scheme prides itself in providing a supportive programme to enable trainees to understand the principles of evidence-based medicine, critical reading and bringing an audit and research project to completion.

8. Open evening

If you would like to meet some of our teaching staff and present trainees, an Open Evening is organised in October of each year.

9. Training practice location

There are 12 training practices in Cork city and suburbs associated with the Scheme and 20 located in the wider Cork county area.