Ten questions about the EQuiP Conference on Patient Safety in General Practice

Dates: Friday 3 - Saturday 4 March 2017

Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

1. What will I as a GP or health professional learn from the EQuiP conference in Dublin on 3-4 March?

Irish GPs will benefit from hearing other GPs and patient safety experts discuss top tips for managing clinical risk, minimising complaints, avoiding pitfalls in the diagnostic process and in treatment awareness of common reasons for patients' complaints and lapses in safe care, and the effective management of patient concerns at practice level to avoid escalation. » read more

2. As a GP, do you want to discuss with fellow GPs and hear informed debate on the need for the safe resourcing of general practice?

And by resources, we mean people, money, processes and systems, integrated streamlined care and means of communication with other sectors of health service that interface with general practice, from a range of Irish and European speakers, all of them GPs. » read more

3. As a GP, do you want to share and explore further how to make your job a safer job for you and your practice team, in order to keep your patients safer?

Speakers at the EQuiP conference in Dublin on 3 and 4 March will emphasise that in the complexity of general practice the key message is "Safety First". » read more

4. Are you a health manager or policy maker, a regulator or health quality professional, or researcher keen to learn more about patient safety at a unique European-wide conference being held in Dublin?

The EQuiP European Patient Safety conference will hear from a wide range of Irish and European speakers on patient safety and explore how practices can improve safety for their patients who interact with other primary care and secondary care services. » read more

5. Are you a GP who would like to learn how to minimise risks in the management of patients on certain long term medication?

Rationalising the stages in monitoring dose changes, doing blood tests and generating a prescription for warfarin, and the safe follow up of patients on medication that require regular monitoring such as methotrexate, will be discussed. » read more

6. Do you as a GP recognise the importance of involving your patients in bringing their safety concerns to your attention? Do your patients appreciate the importance their input and overview of their healthcare has in terms of ensuring safer care?

Some patients are afraid to bring safety concerns to the attention of healthcare professionals, or may feel those concerns have already been considered by their health professional. » read more

7. Are you an overworked GP worried about the impact of workload pressures and stresses on your work and life?

Irish GPs work from 1,600 different dispersed practice premises around the country as small healthcare facilities. » read more

8. Who should come to the first ever conference on patient safety in general practice on 3-4 March in Dublin?

The conference topics will be of interest and practical use to health service managers, policy makers, hospital doctors, regulators, health quality professionals, educators and researchers in safety and quality of care, and clinicians such as nurses, pharmacists and doctors, including GPs on postgraduate training schemes. » read more

9. What tools are available to help improve the safety climate in a general practice?

Safety Checklists can be used to improve medication safety, health and safety for patients and staff, information systems and managing data. » read more

10. How can I register for the EQuiP Conference on Patient Safety in General Practice and find out more?

Go to the ICGP website - www.icgp.ie/equip » read more

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