Management in Practice Course


1 Year

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Management in Practice is designed for general practitioners, practice managers and other staff members who wish to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective management of their practice.

Course principal: Mr Barry O'Brien
Course administrator: Ms Jana Pickard -

In each group, we seek to bring together a cross section of general practitioners, practice managers and other practice staff, representing the broad profile of Irish general practice. Course participants are selected accordingly.

What is the overall aim of the course?

To provide participants (general practitioners, practice managers and other staff) with management competencies that are relevant and applicable to their everyday practice. This is delivered through  workshops and web based learning. The course is structured to facilitate the 'self directed' learning of participants supported by course reading material, course principal, external presenters and interaction with fellow participants. Participants will:

  • Be able to fully develop their management role
  • Have appraised their practice profitability and its relationship to the quality of service (and service provision) within the practice
  • Manage practice resources more effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure that their colleagues in the practice have a better understanding of the practice manager's role
  • Have increased their knowledge of management principles and techniques, of the practice, general practice and wider health care sector
  • Have identified solutions to problems commonly experienced in the management of a general practice
  • Have achieved improved specific skills, e.g. people management skills
  • Reappraise their own job role using what they have learnt on the course for professional and personal development
  • Implement significant change within the practice
  • Have achieved their individual learning objectives

Course Content

  • Management Course Topics
    • Course Topics 1 - 12
  • Short Essay Questions
    • SEQ Paper 1
    • SEQ Paper 2
    • SEQ Paper 3
    • SEQ Paper 4
  • Diploma Project
    • Final Project Outline Submission
    • Project - Final Submission
  • Course Handbook & Timetable
    • Management Course Handbook
    • Management Course Timetable
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