Menopause Practical Course



Who can attend?

Open to GPs who have completed either the full day ICGP Menopause Theory Course or the BMS Menopause Theory course.

Upcoming dates

  • 9th March 2019 - ICGP, 4/5 Lincoln Place, Dublin 2 - 9:30am - 1:30pm

Course description

This course provides training in menopause consultations for GPs who are doing a lot of menopause consultations in practice and who are already very familiar with this topic. The course format is simulated consultations and group discussion and will include management of tricky clinical scenarios related to menopause. Access to this course will be to GPs who are very experienced in managing menopause consultations and who do at least 50 menopause consultations per year. During the course there will be continuous assessment of GPs who are applying for the Certificate in Menopause. The following skills will be assessed:

  • Factual knowledge
  • Evolving knowledge: uncertainty, 'hot topics',
  • The evidence base of practice: knowledge of literature, quantitative research
  • Critical appraisal skill: interpretation of literature, principles of statistics
  • Application of knowledge: justification, prioritising, audit
  • Clinical management
  • Communication skills


  • Have first completed the ICGP or BMS Menopause theory course.
  • Complete an online application. The application will ask for details of your experience in providing menopause consultations. Only those who are providing at least 50 menopause consultations per year will be accepted for this course.

Click here for information on the ICGP Certificate in Menopause Care

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