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12 April 2018
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Q. If a GP refuses an involuntary admission to an applicant, can the applicant get a second opinion and does the applicant need to let the second GP know regarding previous refusal?

A. An applicant may seek a second opinion where a registered medical practitioner refuses to make a recommendation to admit a patient involuntarily to an Approved Centre. It is vital to note that any applicant, whether making an initial application or applying for a second opinion, is obliged by law to inform the registered medical practitioner from whom he seeks the recommendation or second opinion of the facts relating to the previous application and its refusal in so far as they are aware of them, as well as the facts relating to any other application and its refusal made previously in relation to that person, as far as they are aware of them. Failure to do this is an offence. (Section 11, Mental Health Act 2001).