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07 August 2018
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Suicide Prevention Collaboration with National Office of Suicide Prevention (NOSP)

The ICGP is collaborating with the National Office of Suicide Prevention (NOSP) of the HSE to develop a practice support and safety intervention for patients with suicidal crisis and/or self-harm. The aim is to mitigate suicide risk by simple, universal and context specific primary care responses leading to the development of improved knowledge and expertise in this area.

The ICGP wishes to recruit a panel of GP trainers to be trained by experts in the field ( GPs and Psychiatrists ) from the UK. Ten mental health nurses will be co-trained at the same time.

These trainers will then co deliver training with the mental health nurses to GPs at a faculty level commencing in Autumn 2018, with the possibility of further faculty events or regional events in 2019.

If interested please contact