MTP Audit FAQs

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Accidentally exiting survey before completing patient entries

Q. I accidentally exited the survey without completing the patient I was entering. What should I do? » read more

Audit Criteria and Guidelines

Q. Where can I find the audit criteria and guidelines? » read more

Completing Survey Monkey Tools before External Audits

Q. Do I have to complete the Survey Monkey tool before an external audit? » read more

Correcting incorrect answers

Q. I answered a question incorrectly. Can I go back? » read more

External Audits

Q. In what circumstances is an external audit required? » read more

Frequency of Audits

Q. How frequently am I required to complete an audit? » read more

Guidelines for completing the online audit

Q. Are there guidelines for completing the online audit? » read more

Less than 10 patients - completing an audit

Q. I have less than 10 patients. Can I still complete the audit? » read more

Patient Numbers Purpose

Q. What is the purpose of the patient numbers on the audit tool? » read more

Question lists availability

Q. Is there a list of the questions available? » read more

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