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As part of an overall review of ICGP education and to continue our ongoing commitment, ICGP has updated contraception education for GPs and GP Trainees. The updated education will address the latest evidence base to ensure that patient care for contraception consultations is based on the most up-to-date clinical guidelines.

ICGP Contraception Theory Course

ICGP has developed a blended approach to the ICGP Theory Course in Contraception. GPs and GP Trainees will be able to access two eLearning modules as part of this course, which is accessible at your own convenience.

  • Module 1 Contraception Theory contains the core content which GPs and GP Trainees require to safely prescribe contraception
  • Module 2 Reproductive Health Theory provides additional information on common presentations in general practice that may arise when prescribing contraception

ICGP Members & GP Trainees

Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) enrolees

As you know ICGP provides a range of services to our members and we also make some services available to PCS and non-members for a fee. Should you be eligible we would like to encourage you to consider membership and avail of all services. View further information about becoming a member.

ICGP Certificate in Contraception

For GPs and GP Trainees interested in completing further contraception training, the ICGP Certificate in Contraception is available. The application process for this certificate has been updated and is now a fully online process. Postal and/or email applications will no longer be accepted. If you have an existing application underway, please contact

Further details including updated logbook, applicant guide and how-to-video for application process are available here:

You must ensure your ICGP Contraception Tutor is on the ICGP database by emailing before completing further contraception training.

Please Note:

  • If you have a Certificate in Contraception logbook or application underway as per the previous process, please contact
  • ICGP cannot accept postal applications for certificates. Please contact for further information