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Contraception Tutors

Contraception Tutors provide training in contraception for candidates who wish to apply for the ICGP Certificate in Contraception. The Contraception Tutor must assess the candidate and sign the relevant logbook certifying the candidate has completed the necessary training.
Many GP Trainees wish to apply for the Certificate in Contraception during their GP Training years. GP Trainees who wish to complete the practical component of the Certificate of Contraception during their GP Registrar years, can do so in their training practice by completing a logbook under the supervision of a contraception tutor. Therefore, many GP Trainers or doctors working in training practices are interested in becoming a contraception tutor.

First-time Contraception Tutor applicants

In order to become a Contraception Tutor, you must
  1. hold the Certificate in Contraception OR have a minimum 5 years' experience post GP Training providing contraception care 
  2. register and complete the Contraception Tutor course which is available to ICGP Members and Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) enrollees. 
Once registration is complete you will receive email confirmation with a link to start the Contraception Tutor course. This course is on-demand and can accessed at your own convenience.

Existing Contraception Tutors

Must complete the on-demand Contraception Tutor Course to renew your tutor status on the ICGP database. Register for the Contraception Tutor course, which is available to ICGP Members and Professional Competence Scheme (PCS) enrollees. 

On-going education

Contraception Tutors are expected to attend ongoing education to update their knowledge. Further information will be provided here in the coming weeks.

ICGP Registered Contraception Tutors

In order to remain as a Registered Contraception Tutor, it is necessary to complete a Contraception Tutor course at least once every 5 years. Certificate in Contraception applicants must check that their tutor is an ICGP Registered Contraception Tutor by contacting