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About the Contraception Certificate - FAQs

01. What is the Certificate in Contraception?

The Certificate in Contraception is a certificate awarded by the ICGP Reproductive and Sexual Health Committee. It is an educational programme which provides medical practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a contraception service. » read more

02. What steps are required to complete the Contraception Certificate?

There are three parts; » read more

03. What time period do I have to complete the Contraception Certificate?

The time period allowed to complete the Contraception Certificate is 2.5 years. This starts from the date you commence your Theory Course to the date you complete the Practical Course/Training. » read more

04. I have done the theory course and will not be able to complete part three within the 2.5 year period? What can I do?

In the event that you cannot complete all the training within the 2.5 year period, you will be required to re-attend the theory course. If exceptional circumstances have delayed your training, such as severe illness, then you can apply to the RSH committee for an extension on the 2.5 year period. » read more

05. I have completed all necessary parts of the Certificate in Contraception. What do I do next?

Complete an RSH Certificate in Contraception application form. » read more

06. How long will it take to review and receive the Certificate?

It is the aim of the RSH Committee that all applications would be reviewed and certificates issued within a 8 week timeframe.┬áThis is based on the assumption that all components for your application have been completed satisfactorily. » read more

07. How much does it cost to apply for the Certificate in Contraception?

The cost to apply to the RSH Committee for Certification is €100.00. » read more

08. I have lost/damaged my Certificate. Is it possible to get a replacement?

Yes, duplicate certificates will cost €25.00. » read more

09. Where can I get more information?

The RSH Handbook, Logbook and application forms are available at » read more

10. How do I recertify the Certificate in Contraception?

A. Any Certificate in Contraception issued from 1 January 2010 will be awarded with no expiry date. There is no process in place to re-certify this certificate. » read more