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Gynaecological Training PART II - FAQs

1. How can I complete Part II โ€“ Gynaecological Examination?

There are three ways of certifying in this area. » read more

2. I am a GP trainee and want to complete my gynaecological training with my GP trainer. Does he/she have to be a certified contraception tutor?

No. The contraception tutors are only required for Part II - practical training - for those that choose to undergo practical training in a GP setting instead of the ICGP Practical Course. Your GP trainer can certify trainees on the GP Specialist training programme for Part II » read more

3. Do I have to do my gynaecological training also within the 2.5 year timeframe?

Gynaecological training must be completed before embarking on the practical training for the Contraception Certificate. » read more

4. I completed my gynaecological training a few years ago and now wish to begin training for the Contraception Certificate will this experience be acceptable given that it is outside the 2.5 year frame?

Yes, the RSH Committee assess each application individually. » read more