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Information for Tutors in Contraception - FAQs

Am I eligible to attend the Masterclass in Contraception for Tutors?

You must hold the Certificate in Contraception or JCFP Family Certificate or UK equivalent. You must have two years experience in clinical practice, post training. » read more

How often are Masterclasses held?

Masterclasses are held once annually in the Spring. Please see the ICGP courses section of this website for further information. » read more

I am a JCFP Family Planning Instructing Doctor? Can I still sign trainees off?

Yes, however The RSH Committee have recommended that all Instructing Doctors and Tutors attend a Masterclass in Contraception at least once every three years. » read more

I am a tutor in contraception – how do I ensure I remain on the register?

You must attend the half day contraception update course which is part of the Masterclass in Contraception once every three years. » read more

I would like to become a contraception tutor – how do I go about this?

You must participate in an ICGP Masterclass in Contraception Course. » read more

I would like to become a tutor for the Advanced Certificate in LARC. How do I go about this?

Click here for details » read more