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Training in Long Acting Reversible Contraception Training (LARC) FAQs

Do I need a certificate in order to insert IUD or Implanon devices?

It is an individual doctor's responsibility to ensure competence and maintain competence in any procedure they undertake during their working day. » read more

Does the RSH Certificate in Contraception offer certification in IUD or Implant Insertion?

No. For information on certification in these techniques, please see further information in the Advanced Certificate in LARC section of this website. » read more

I am already experienced in LARC insertion and would like to receive the Advanced Certificate in LARC. Will my experience to date be considered as part of my training?

Yes, we will be accepting applications from experienced inserters who apply via the Experienced Inserter route. » read more

I would like training in LARC. How do I get it?

If you are a GP trainee with a LARC tutor in your practice, you can apply for the certificate. » read more