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Mental health in the workplace - one of the themes of Walk In My Shoes radio station

Mental health in the workplace - one of the themes of Walk In My Shoes radio station
This pop up radio station goes live once a year during Mental Health Awareness Week (9-13 October 2017). » read more

Doctors are prone to burn-out and depression. We need to take care.

This article by Alex Broom, Professor of Sociology, UNSW Australia, on the World Economic Forum website, calls for investment to support clinician well-being. » read more

Raising awareness of the need to promote the health of doctors

This initiative to raise awareness of the importance of the health of doctors is called "Crazy Socks for Docs" and is promoted on 1 June each year. » read more

Facing up to Doctor Burnout

Interview with Dr Andrée Rochfort about the phenomenon of burnout among GPs » read more

ICGP’s Dr Andrée Rochfort to speak on French TV programme

Lending ICGP support for a French doctors' campaign for every French doctor to have their own GP. » read more

National campaign in France for every doctor in France to have their own GP

Campaign led by the French College of Anesthetists and other institutions. » read more

GPs and primary care professionals across Europe “under pressure”

Wonca is the World Organisation of National Colleges and Academic Associations of GPs. » read more

PTSD-like symptoms in GPs from work related stress in NHS

The past chair of the RCGP has stated that GPs seeking help in the NHS for work related stress are displaying symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as seen in patients who have experienced severe traumatic events. » read more

EAPH Conference 2013

Image for article titled 'EAPH Conference 2013' The 2013 European Association for Physician Health conference took place in Dublin in April 2013. » read more

French Anaesthetists win poster prize at 2015 European Association for Physician Health EAPH

Dr Max-André Doppia and Dr Segolene Arzalier-Daret are two anaesthetists from Caen in Normandy, who along with their colleagues in the Committee for Anaesthesiologists' Occupational Health of the French College of Anaesthetists and Intensivists, submitted their project as a poster at this year's EAPH conference. » read more

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