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Signposts to Success

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ICGP Network of Establishing GPs (ICGP NEGs)

ICGP NEGs is a package of services and supports that the College provides to establishing members which it is hoped also fosters active involvement in College by senior trainees and recently qualified members. In this way, the College will be enriched and strengthened by the considerable talents and energy that establishing GPs have to offer. While the ICGP Network of Establishing GPs (NEGs) Programme is principally aimed at those members who are within five years of conferral of college membership (MICGP), any member of the ICGP can be involved presently opt to be involved in NEGs.

On entry into year four, GP trainees are automatically enrolled onto the NEGs database, given access to the online NEGs discussion forum, and receive NEGs notifications by email.

NEGs Administrator

Ms Michelle Dodd,
Contact:, Tel 01 6763705

If you wish to be added to the NEGs database for email and paper mail communications and updates, please contact Michelle Dodd.