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Ransomware - guidance for GPs (14 May 2017)

Malware called 'WannaCry' has spread worldwide since Friday last, 12 May 2017, impacting over 200,000 victims in over 150 countries. It poses a real risk to GPs and the Health Services in general. » read more


How does Healthmail work? Who will get Healthmail accounts? » read more

Professional Competence: Audit

GPIT Resources: Using Practice Software to Carry Out an Audit » read more

No Data, No Business: Information Communication Technology (ICT) Security Guidelines

These security guidelines were put together by John FitzGerald of Commnet. He is an IT expert who deals with security issues every day and is familiar with the needs of GPs and small businesses. The guidelines are written to make your IT support company aware of what needs to be checked and how your system should be configured to give you maximum protection. » read more