06 March 2017
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Healthmail Evaluation Survey

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Healthmail back office support moves to eHealth Ireland's Access to Information

From December 1st 2016 back office support for Healthmail is available from the Access to Information function of eHealth Ireland. Please contact Ms Karina Hull at: karina.hull@ehealthireland.ie / 01 8287108.

First line support for Healthmail is available from a free phone help desk. Please phone 1800 800 002 and choose option 2. The help desk staff are friendly and knowledgeable and based in Limerick.

Safe and secure communication

The Healthmail, secure clinical email service, continues to grow and provides safe and secure communication between GPs and health care providers. In the month of June 2016, the service statistics show the following activity levels:

  • 1,400 registered users
  • 10,000 emails sent and received
  • 6.7 Gigabytes of data transmitted
  • No viruses or malware

The profusion of viruses and malware distributed via normal email is a reason to adopt Healthmail for clinical communication. Healthmail is securely connected to all HSE hospitals and Health Centres and all Voluntary, Children's and Maternity Hospitals. A full list of connected agencies is available to download below.

The new version of Health One, version 8, makes it easier to work with Healthmail in terms of inserting attached files into a patient record and printing the patient's health care record to PDF in order to send via Healthmail to the patient's new practice. The following are helpful YouTube videos: 

Printing Health Care Record 

Copy and Paste Email Attachments


The joint GP and Galway University Hospital liaison group has commenced a pilot for GPs in counties Galway and Roscommon. This provides them with specialty email addresses to allow clinical queries with consultants in GUH. These email addresses cannot be used for referring a patient, but only for clinical questions, comments or clarifications. The email addresses are:




For more details on this pilot project, please contact Ms Elaine Dobell, Clinical Projects Manager to Saolta Executive Team, email elaine.dobell@hse.ie.

Meanwhile, outpatient enquiries for the University of Limerick Hospitals Group should be sent via Healthmail to the email address ulopdenquiries@hse.ie. Again this is not an address for sending referrals via Healthmail. It is an address for questions around existing outpatient referrals, waiting lists and other back office activity. It may be an address that is more useful for the practice support staff rather than the GP. 

Registration and support

GPs can register for a Healthmail account on https://www.healthmail.ie. Registration is free and the application is authenticated by the ICGP.

It is important that GPs and practices with Healthmail accounts check their inboxes frequently, ideally every day. If you find it difficult to get into the routine of checking your Healthmail account regularly, then organise for your practice support staff to check the account daily. This can be done for multiple Healthmail and normal email accounts using the full version of Microsoft Outlook software.

There is a support help desk available for Healthmail on a free phone number based in Limerick. Please phone 1800 800002 and choose option 2 for support.

Using a Smartphone with Healthmail

Did you know that you can send clinical photos as attachments using Healthmail? And you can use your smartphone or tablet to take the photo and send it securely via Healthmail, secure clinical email. The most obvious uses of this are for dermatology, for example in cases of infantile haemangioma, suspected skin cancers or rashes. Click here for a document we created entitled 'Using a Smartphone with Healthmail'.


The two Healthmail webinars on 5 October 2015 went really well. There were 115 GPs and practice support staff in attendance and feedback was very positive.

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First login to Healthmail: A walk though
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Healthmail - connected agencies
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Accessing public folders
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Importing and exporting patient records using HealthOne
Exporting Patient Records (YouTube clip)

Importing Patient records (YouTube clip)

Examples of use of secure clinical email by general practitioners
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Using Healthmail with Socrates
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Five use cases
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Delivery and read receipts
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Automatic replies / Out of Office
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