Publications & Reports

 Healthmail Evaluation Report 2017 (Healthmail_Evaluation_Report.pdf | 973 KB)

Healthmail Evaluation Report, research by the ICGP on the secure clinical email service of the HSE.

 Clinical Information Systems for Nursing Homes: the requirements of general practitioners (Clinical_Information_Systems_for_Nursing_Homes_-_The_Requirements_of_GPs.pdf | 118 KB)

Created with GPs who have an interest in nursing home care, this document details the GP requirements for a nursing home information system. The aim is to share this GP requirements document with all the nursing home software vendors to encourage them to consider developing these requirements in their systems.

 List of ICPC-2 codes (ICPC2.pdf | 76 KB)

As featured in the ICGP webinar on 15 January 2013

 Information Leaflet on Practice Websites (Information_Leaflet_on_Practice_Websites.pdf | 134 KB)

April 2012. Contents include: The pros and cons of a practice website, website options, getting started, and what information should a practice website contain?

Updated May 2011; Author: Dr Brian Meade; A classification system groups concepts together for a specific purpose. In health it is sometimes useful to group certain diseases or presenting complaints together in order to be able to study them in more detail. Classifications systems frequently use codes to group items together.

May 2011. Just as the patient sits at the centre of care in Irish general practice, so information on the patient is the key to safe and effective health care. Once gathered, keeping this information safe and secure and private is a key requirement of GPs. To assist GPs the ICGP, in cooperation with the National GPIT Group and the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, has published A Guide to Data Protection Legislation for Irish General Practice

 Scanning and Shredding Documents: Impact Statement (Scan_Shred_v0_7_password.pdf | 293 KB)

March 2009; In the transition from paper to electronic records the management of scanned documents and in particular the question of whether or not to shred documents is important for health care professionals and patients. This is an impact statement on document scanning and shredding in Irish general practice.

January 2008. These security guidelines were put together by John FitzGerald of Commnet. He is an IT expert who deals with security issues every day and is familiar with the needs of GPs and small businesses. The guidelines are written to make your IT support company aware of what needs to be checked and how your system should be configured to give you maximum protection.

January 2008; The National GPIT Group has released a final version of the Requirements for Certification 2007. The next step is the actual certification process, described on pages 10 and 11 of the document. This will take place between June and October 2008 and the results will be announced at the end of October 2008.

 GPIT Policy Document on Acceptable Usage of the Internet (GPIT_Internet_Usage_v0_3.pdf | 60 KB)

January 2008; The objective of this policy is to ensure that the Internet facilities provided in general practices are used appropriately and only in connection with official duties.

 The Attitudes of GPs Towards Computerisation on the Island of Ireland (attitudes_towards_computerisation.pdf | 334 KB)

October 2005; Grace Lordan1 and Charles Normand2 Department of Health Policy and Management, Trinity College Dublin. Report is for the National General Practice Information Technology Group (GPIT).

 Review of Certification of Irish General Practice Computer Management Systems Executive Summary (Review_of_Certification_of_Irish_General_Practice_Computer_Management_Systems_Executive_Summary.pdf | 25 KB)

Autumn 2005; Commissioned by the National General Practice Information Technology Group, Author: Dr G M Hayes.

 National GPIT Group Results of Surveys on Computerisation in General Practice 2003 (Survey_on_Computerisation_in_General_Practice_2003.pdf | 265 KB)

October 2003; In 2003, the GPIT Group carried out a major survey on computerisation in general practice.