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IT FAQs - General Data Protection Regulation

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Phone requests

Q. A social worker who I don't know telephones me because of possible child abuse/neglect concerns relating to a child patient of mine. They want to know if I have any concerns about this child, its siblings or parents. How should I respond? » read more

Picking up perscriptions

Q. We have a lot of people who would have their prescriptions or sick certs picked up at the practice front desk by someone else for various reasons, for example, it could be an elderly parent, or a person with mobility problems. Can you please advise if this is okay to do so now that GDPR is in place? » read more

Record access request

Q. Can a GMS patient request a copy of their medical record from their GP? » read more

Research Projects

Q. Do I need a patient's consent to enroll them in research projects? » read more

Retirement or Death

Q. I am a single-handed GP who is retiring shortly and facilitating a new doctor who has been appointed to my GMS list. What should I do with both my GMS and private patient records? » read more

Solicitor requests

Q. A solicitor has sent me a letter, with patient consent attached, requesting that I send the solicitor the entire patient record including third party correspondence. Am I okay to do this? » read more

Text and email

Q. It would make life a lot easier for the practice if I could text or email results to patients. If I have the patient's permission, is it ok to do this? » read more

Transfer of individual records

Q. I have received an email from a woman requesting that I forward the medical records of herself, her husband and her children to another GP in her new location. How should I proceed? » read more

Unencrypted patient data

Q. How should we handle unencrypted patient identifiable data under GDPR? » read more

Use of Email

Q. Can I use email to send patient identifiable clinical information? » read more

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