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IT FAQs - General

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A computer for an elderly relative

Q. My mother is in her 70s and her old Windows desktop is painfully slow and causing problems. Any advice on a replacement computer for her? She mainly uses it for email, internet and photos. » read more

Ambulatory glucose monitoring

Q. Are there options available for ambulatory glucose monitoring in primary care? » read more

An eye to the future

Q. Is there a better future in healthcare systems utilising blockchain technology? » read more

An eye to the future

Q. Can you recommend a wearable device for people with sleep apnoea? » read more

An eye to the future

Q. Can IT be used to diagnose breast cancer better? » read more

An eye to the future

Q. What are bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers? » read more

Certified GP Practice Software Systems

Q. Which of the GP practice software systems are certified by the GPIT Group? » read more

Chronic disease programmes

Q. I have signed up to the HSE chronic disease programmes for asthma and diabetes. Do I need written consent to return data? » read more

Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)

Q. What is the clinical document architecture (CDA)? » read more

Computerisation in general practice

Q. Are there up-to-date figures for how many GPs in Ireland are computerised? » read more

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